The first thing we did to the kitchen was removing the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room. Open concept homes have become more popular during recent years, as homeowners begin to value the extra light and space of an open kitchen over the ability to separate the cooking and eating areas.

A major challenge was getting the permit for removing the load bearing wall. It was essential to the project to open that space, and not getting a permit would have been disastrous.

Since we were removing a load bearing wall, we had to create extra support for the house to be able to carry the weight of new cabinetry and appliances. Once we added some foundational support and a new beam to support the house we were able to get started on the rest of the kitchen.

We gutted the old kitchen and replaced the countertops, backsplash, sinks, appliances, and flooring.

We built and installed custom white cabinets, with organizers, a blind corner cabinet, pull-out shelves, and contemporary appliances including two ovens and a counter depth refrigerator, pot faucet and a wine cooler.

We then installed Statuario Pental Quartz countertops- they’re lovely and provide a nice accent to the kitchen.

The kitchen turned out just as we hoped. The kitchen is now open, with plenty of light. Not only is the kitchen beautiful, but it is very functional and will be great for entertaining guests. Take a look at the video for more on the process and the final look!

IDEA Production was hired by Let's Remodel to create a promo video.