Refcco | About Us

Refcco Product Services is a regulatory compliance, product safety consulting services, certification company with team of compliance engineers having years of experience in wide range of testing standards, methodologies and technical disciplines. We directly work with National Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL), labs accredited by Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and European Notified Bodies to make the process of compliance and testing relevant, more efficient, fast and consistent. For this very reason we proudly name ourselves Relevant Efficient Fast Consistent Compliance (REFCCO) company, because we not only know the requirements but understand the taught behind the standards and what hazards these requirements intended to mitigate. We know the business of regulatory compliance and can guarantee the fastest and most economical way to get approval for your product and shorten the time to market. In addition to providing design reviews prior to submitting to certification agencies, and consultant services during the certification processes until you get your mark of conformity, we provide guidelines and road mapping for global regulations that are necessary to product’s design in regards to safety requirements of different countries. Particularly for CE marking requirements, Refcco can evaluate, test and provide needed documentation to support Directive’s requirements for those that allow self-declaration, such as Low Voltage, Machinery and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

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